Key Weight Loss Ingredients of the NUBODY Shake
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Key Weight Loss Ingredients of the NUBODY Shake

November 24, 2016

Key Weight Loss Ingredients of the NUBODY Shake

By Jaime Rose Chambers APD

Weight loss is hard, there’s no doubt about it. We’re saturated with information about the best ways to achieve that magical goal weight or get our perfect body. We now know that the best diet is simply the diet that you can stick to and keeps you healthy long term, so any additional support along the way is invaluable on a weight loss quest.

Enter the Nubody Shake. The nutritional quality and health benefits of this product are boundless but one lovely little benefit is that a few of its key ingredients can help to support you to shed those extra kilos. They also work in different ways in the body to help with weight loss. This makes the Nubody Shake the perfect product to use in conjunction with your healthy diet and training regime whilst on the road to your goals.

Green tea extract

The antioxidant benefits of green tea are well documented but it’s the powerful little combination of antioxidant catechins along with caffeine used daily that gives it it’s thermogenic, weight loss benefits. Another study showed that green tea extract enhances abdominal fat loss during exercise in overweight and obese people. A great bonus is it can also support weight maintenance once you’ve achieved your weight goal.

Apple pectin

Pectin is a soluble fibre found in some fruits like apples. There are two reasons it’s so wonderful for weight loss; firstly it is not easily absorbed in the bowel it so it provides bulk without the calories. The second is that soluble fibre, when mixed with liquid swells in our stomach and forms a gel, which makes us feel full and satisfied more quickly and tells receptors in the brain that we’ve finished eating. This gel also slows down the release of sugars into our blood stream which means we get less of a spike in blood sugar levels and therefore insulin levels, and lower insulin levels means our body is less likely to store fat. To get the greatest weight loss benefits from fibre, aim for a total of 30g per day coupled with 8 glasses of water as part of a healthy diet.


Chromium is an essential mineral that is involved in controlling insulin as well as carbohydrate and fat metabolism. A high quality, meta-analysis on the relationship between chromium and reduction in body weight showed it to have a small positive effect. It’s important to note however that some studies on the other hand have found chromium supplementation to have no effect at all. The bottom line though is that chromium deficiency in our diet is common and because chromium is required in essential metabolic processes, making sure to simply meet daily requirements is important to make sure metabolic pathways for weight loss are working efficiently.

The Nubody Shake is the perfect complement to a weight loss regime to help you to be successful at reaching your health and fitness goals.