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Who We Are

Where We Began

After putting on over 20kg each during pregnancy, we had no idea we would painfully struggle to lose it. No matter how much exercise we did or how many diets we tried, it was like trying to move mountains, leaving us feeling overweight and uncomfortable in our bodies. We tried every strategy including most meal replacements out on the market. We discovered that not only did they taste awful they were also full of ‘NASTY’ artificial & synthetic ingredients, not to mention ingredients that actually hinder weight loss! (and forget about those awkward Multi Level Marketing conversations!)

Deflated about what to do, we were told about Nuzest, Nutritional support products made with NO NASTIES and under sustainable farming methods. Developed by two of the worlds leading experts in natural and sustainable healthcare Dr Robert Verkerk and Meleni Aldridge, we found out that Nuzest products can be used as a Meal Replacement that not only supports weight loss but also provides your body with its daily nutritional needs to be in a state of PEAK HEALTH.

It sounded too good to be true, but after committing to a trial for 8 weeks, the results were incredible. We had lost kilos but more importantly, went down a dress size and our energy levels went through the roof. We continued to drop dress sizes and are the fittest, leanest and healthiest we have been in years. This is why we created NUBODY. A PREMIUM WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS SHAKE THAT BOTH YOUR BODY AND WALLET CAN TRUST. AND IT WORKS!!

Our Mission

NUBODY is on a mission to change the lives of everyone who has struggled to get their weight to a place that makes them feel good about themselves. After collaborating with leading dieticians and the formulators themselves, we have created a simple way to always be on top of daily nutritional needs. We have used Nuzest’s first class products to create this NUTRIENT DENSE, PERFECTLY BALANCED, NO NASTIES WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS SHAKE to support everyone in their weight loss goals. Your NUBODY pack will be delivered to your door every month, filled with everything you need.

“NUBODY was created so that I can help other women who have felt like they are defeated rise to the challenge and get back into the body they want and should have”
– Nic Monteforte


Our Founders

Nicole Monteforte


Having made my career in the health and fitness industry and being someone who exercises almost every day since the age of 18, after having my son back in 2002, I have spent the last 13 years painfully and unsuccessfully trying to lose the weight I put on during my pregnancy. The frustration and impact it had on my self-esteem was quite overwhelming, as I never had trouble managing my weight before then. I tried everything and it wasn’t until Dec 2015 that I was referred to Nuzest and using Nuzest's two core products as a breakfast meal replacement. Naturally I was prepared to try anything as I desperately wanted to get back down to the size and shape I felt comfortable in. Well, 8 weeks into trying it out I had lost 4 kgs and was down a size in jeans. The motivation this gave me was incredible and so the journey has continued where I am now in the best shape I have been in since my son was born. Not only that I feel incredible and am so healthy, people are always asking me what I am doing. After so much defeat for so long to finally having lost 10kgs and feeling on top of the world, NUBODY was created so that I can help other women who have felt like they are defeated rise to the challenge and get back into the body they want and should have. 


Lauren Calvert


Having worked in the Fitness Industry since the age of 17, I’ve always valued good health. However I found myself with little time to exercise in my early thirties, taking care of two small children (think Energizer bunnies!), two jobs and a house to run. Whilst I try to exercise as much as I can, my focus has shifted to optimal nutrition – nutrient dense, clean food with no nasties (think additives, preservatives, colours, chemicals and pesticides). NUBODY ticks all the boxes, it’s quick, easy, NUTRIENT dense and it has NO NASTIES, a perfect breakfast for this busy mum. I’m so excited about this product!