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Exercise does not need to be a chore!

Exercise does not need to be done in a gym!

Exercise does not need to be time consuming!

At Nubody we focus on creating exercise options for everyone… regardless of age, fitness levels or time constraints.

We do this by creating workouts that can be completed anywhere you are at the time, from your home to your hotel room when you are travelling.

Full body fit – We focus typically on exercises that incorporate a large amount of muscle in the body through each movement. The reasons for this are;

Time poor – Everyone in this day and age has very little free time. We are too busy with stressful work routines or a hectic family life. People don’t have the time to do an hour workout in the gym. The good thing is… you don’t need to. We have created 5-10 minute workout’s that use every muscle in the body… fast and efficient.

Adds a cardiovascular element – Full body workouts yield greater energy expenditure than exercise that only incorporate single muscles. The increase in energy usage stimulates the body’s cardiovascular system… further helping heart health and weight loss!

Exercises that are easy to progress and regress – We know that everyone is different when it comes to their strength, flexibility and mobility. For this reason, we focus on providing our Nubody crew with exercises that are easy to Progress (make more difficult) or Regress (make a little easier).

This means that everyone, regardless of their current fitness level can start and complete our simple Nubody workouts… so there is no excuse.