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How It Works

Combining Nuzest Clean Lean Protein and  Good Green Stuff you can replace a meal with a NUBODY shake as part of a weight loss plan, which can help to keep calories in check as well as regulate macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) and improve your weight loss results, not to mention the benefits of the nutrient powerhouse, Good Green Stuff. It’s important the shakes are constructed well to include all of the essential components that help you feel full and satisfied for longer; that’s why every month you will receive great recipe cards with new smoothie flavours that are perfectly balanced.

Pay only $4 per day billed monthly and get your products delivered to your door every month. 
Product will be delivered within 10 working days once payment is received.

Why most Meal Replacements don’t work:

Many packaged meal replacements are often actually high in sugar and calories to meet “energy” requirements of an official “Formulated Meal Replacement” but low in essential micronutrients. Unfortunately many people rely on these meal replacements as their sole source of nutrition. That approach may actually result in weight gain and may eventually lead to illness. The key to weight management is eating the right food combined with physical movement. You don’t have to run a marathon but you do have to get off the couch and walk; get some fresh air, move all your limbs, go for a brisk walk, get the heart beating a little faster.

The weight loss shake suggested here not only provides something that is filling but also incorporates the need for a balance of macronutrients and provides the added insurance of hundreds of essential nutrients that may otherwise be missing or in short supply because of poor food choices or reasons such as soil depletion and modern harvesting methods.

It is also designed to be something you will enjoy and look forward to; it is not a diet – it is an alternative meal full of goodness and taste. The protein has been chosen because it is allergen free and does not leave you with that uncomfortable bloated feeling. It's smooth on the palette and tastes good; and the Good Green Stuff is a powerhouse of essential nutrients…. All of the Good and None of the Bad.


Often protein powders and nutritional supplements are used on top of a healthy diet to fill in any nutritional gaps. If you’re not careful, this can add hundreds of extra calories to your diet and make weight loss next to impossible. Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Stuff can actually be incorporated into your weight loss plan in the form of a smoothie to replace a meal or a snack. This can help to keep calories in check, regulate your macronutrient intake (protein, carbs and fats) and improve your weight loss results.